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Fine Jewelry Repair at Sash Jewelry Design

When going to an event, you need add custom character to your presence. As the old saying goes, first impression is very important. At Sash jewelry Design, we repair fine jewelry and create custom jewelry for over 20 years. 

To make a statement to your friends and family, custom unique jewelry is a bold statement – you’re not the same as everyone else. Sash custom jewelry always design original pieces and never repeated designs for our clients. Come take a look at our booth or website!

Our company is our pride and we offer 100% top quality jewelry. Our customer services has always been on top of the rank – visit our Yelp and Google for reviews! Furthermore, Sash Jewelry design has been favored jewelry store in Manhattan New York!

Custom Hand Made Jewelry in the heart of Diamond District N.Y

Our customer service has been always top notched, and our jewelry collections of fine jewelry are tremendous. Our jewelry store always provides friendly consultation for your jewelry at no cost.

When buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend, Sash Jewelry Design offers a personalized design to ensure your jewelry fits your taste. By speaking to our clients, we build strong bond and relationship with our friends. Our reputation and brand is strong due to our customer service.

Engagement Rings at Sash Jewelry Repair

Are you looking to pop that question to your girlfriend? Look no further for that engagement ring. Sash Jewelry Design is the perfect jewelry store. Not only we provide a huge selection of fine jewelry, we also create custom made jewelry. 

Being in the business over 20 years, we know picking the right engagement ring is essential. Our Jewelry store will walk you through our collection and create the on-of-a-kind ring. Of course, we can also create that perfect unique ring for you as well.

If you’re looking for a great fine bridal ring, precious stones or jewelry, call Sash Jewelry Repair in Manhattan NY today!

Jewelry Repair Service at Sash Jewelry Design

Did your grandmother or mother passed down a jewelry that they dear loved? Keeping maintenance and repairing the jewelry is essential. If the jewelry needs repair, then Sash Jewelry Design can fix the fine jewelry. Our store can fix clasp, replacing diamonds on bracelets or necklace. Our jewelry repair store can fix anything that is related to jewelry. Our services can straighten broken gold pieces, polish the precious stones and add new diamonds. If your jewelry needs repair, come stop by our shop for free consultation.